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7 May 2013

Inpetto Remix for Jimmy Carris & Polina

Dutch Newcomer Jimmy Carris released his first his first single "Open Your Heart" featuring Polina, on Ultra Music on April 23rd.

A remix pack for "Open Your Heart" has been released today which also containes a remix by Inpetto.

Grab the track on Beatport here.

22 February 2013

Inpetto Remix for Push

Mike Dierickx released his full-scale M.I.K.E. longplayer "World Citizen" today. It also containes an Inpetto Remix for his anthem: Push - Universal Nation.

Grab it on Beatport here.

2 January 2013

Inpetto Podcast Best Of 2012

The new Inpetto Podcast episode 025 is online and ready for download. This episode is a 2012 special episode which sums up 50 tracks we really liked and played in 2012 including tracks and bootlegs of Inpetto

Free download on
Soundcloud or

23 December 2012

Inpetto Remix for Prometheus out now!

The Inpetto Remix for russian Alexey Romeo's "Prometheus" has been released through Heartbeat Records today.

It's exclusively available it on Beatport.
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